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Being triggered this device does not show a blinking sequence but a sequence of numbers, points and selected characters and special characters. It is possible to define the sequence individually. As the teaching procedure is done by a magnetic switch, it can be done after the device is sealed. The sequence may consist of up to 127 numbers.

Circuit Boards and Kits

Kit with programmed controller and circuit board: 8.00 EUR

Kit with programmed controller and circuit board. Controller with extended memory for up to 511 numbers: 9.00 EUR

Functional Description

This device is an advanced version of the basic version of the reactive light. It can be build with just a few elements.
The measurement of the brightness is done by a photoconductive cell (LDR). During daylight the device goes to an idle mode. Periodically the brightness is measured to check whether dawn has begun to switch the device back to working mode. If the photoconductive cell is be lit in this mode, the device will show a sequence of individually predefined numbers and points with the 7 segment display and wait for the next activation. If no or an empty sequence is taught a segment running in a circle will be shown.
The sequence may contain up to 127 numbers. It will be saved persistently and is available after re-powering the microcontroller.
Starting the teaching procedure is triggered by the magnetic switch. Therefore it is also possible if the device is already sealed. After triggering the switch with a magnet a segment running in a circle is shown. Afterwards the first number of the last taught sequence is shown. It can be incremented by the magnetic switch. The numbers are shown in the order 0 -> 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 6 -> 7 -> 8 -> 9 -> dot-> E -> n -> ° -> three horizontal segments. If no input is done for several seconds, the shown number is saved and the next one shown. To finish teaching one has to select the three horizontal segments. The correctly finished teaching is shown again by a segment running in a circle.


Sequence of the numbers

Because of the extremely low power consumption one set of batteries may last for several years.
The source code of the program is not published and just available as already programmed microcontrollers.

Frequently asked Questions

Two of the segments do not work

Probably during soldering a bypass between the contacts of these two segments arose. It has to be removed.

The device does not work and the microcontroller becomes very hot.

Either the microcontroller is placed reversed in the socket or the power supply is reversed.

The teaching of a sequence does not work.

The glass tube of the magnetic switch is very fragile. First you have to check it for demage. If the device is in idle mode, the magnetic switch will be checked each 8 seconds. It needs to stay closed wither for a longer time or the teaching has to be done in a dark room. The teaching can be started as well by connecting the third pin (from the bottom) on the right side of the microcontroller (Pin 3) by a cable to the positive pole of the power supply. Here you have to consider the idle mode, too. If the teaching works, the soldering points of the reed contact have to be checked.

After switching on the device the teaching starts immediately without triggering the magnetic switch.

The glass tube of the magnetic switch is very fragile. It has to be checked first for demage.

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